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How Many Bartenders Do You Need For A 100 Person Wedding?

Weddings are a time for celebration and fun, but when it comes to the bar, things can get hectic.

How many bartenders do you need? How many drinks should each bartender make? What kind of alcohol should you provide?

Here's what we've learned from our experience:

-For a 100 guests wedding, we recommend 2 bartenders. That way, you'll have enough staff to handle the amount of people coming through your bar and keep everyone happy.

-For 150 guests, we recommend 3-4 bartenders. This will ensure that there's always someone ready to serve guests and make new drinks if necessary. You'll also want to consider adding another person who can help with serving drinks or take orders from those who need something else besides alcohol (like soda). Having a designated server makes life easier for everyone!

-For 200 guests, we recommend 4-6 bartenders and at least one more server than above (so 5 total). You'll want plenty of staff on hand so that everyone gets served quickly and no one has to wait too long for their drink!

Contact us today about bartending service for your wedding or event!

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