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Frequently asked questions

planning an event is a lot of work - we get it.

wanderbar is here to make your planning seamless and fun. 

  • What drinks can you serve?
    The sky is the limit! Hand-crafted cocktails - yep! Craft beer - yep! Prosecco - yep! Sparkling Lemonade - yep! Craft Soda or Cold Brew Coffee - absolutely! We are certified bartenders and will create a curated menu of the perfect drink list for your guests. Choose from our selection of crafted cocktails or send us your favourites! Our premium tap systems can accommodate six 20L, 30L and 50L kegs of anything that can be kegged. Pick and choose the right drinks for the guests at your event!
  • Does WanderBar include alcohol?
    WanderBar does not provide the alcohol for your event - this is an AGLC regulation. The event host is responsible for acquiring the beverage kegs. You can contact any brewery or distillery to source your drinks, or let us do the work for you! Our service pricing includes the mixes and garnishes for your perfect bar, so you only have to shop for liquor. We will assist with calculating and purchasing bottles and kegs so you get order the right amount.
  • Can we decorate the tap truck ourselves?
    Biggie loves dressing up! If you are working with a wedding or event planner, put them in touch with us to add some custom decor to the truck. We have great friends who can provide a flower garland, balloons or custom desserts to our already-cute tap truck!
  • Does WanderBar provide glassware?
    We provide up to disposable plastic 9oz cocktail cups and 12oz beer cups with every event. Champagne glasses are available for rent. We can help you source custom glassware from local rental companies for your event or use what is at the venue.
  • Do we need ice?
    Ice is one of the most expensive parts of running a bar! We include ice in the cost of most service packages to a maximum of $100. It may be wise to have extra ice on-site, depending on your party size or the weather that day. The premium glycol flash chiller in our tap truck is the same system that most bars use, so it chills the kegged drinks as they pour. This means our drinks are served icy cold every time. Kegs do not need to be pre-chilled. No ice is required for tap service!
  • Does the WanderBar Tap Truck require power?
    We do require a standard plug-in to run our drink chiller. We can also rent a generator for $100 per day if no power source is available.
  • What kind of deposit is required?
    If you are ready to book, we require a $250 deposit to secure the booking. The final payment is due 1 month prior to the event.
  • Do I need a liquor licence?
    It depends! If you are hosting an event at a rented venue, you will need a a Special Event Licence from AGLC. It is easy to acquire and allows you to serve alcohol at parties, weddings and private events. If you are using a private property that you or a friend or family member owns, you will not need a SEL. Apply for an SEL online and reach out to us if you need any help!
  • I want to customize my drinks! What do you offer?
    We LOVE this stuff! Here's what we can do: - Curated drink list - choose from our favourites or send us yours! - Fresh fruit and herb garnishes - Fun drink names to match your wedding, party, or business - Custom drink toppers - Custom glass stamps (you keep the stamp after!) - Branded decals on the truck - Custom menu signage based on your event, the couple, your dogs, etc! - Your own AMAZING idea!
  • What about the weather?
    We will work with you and/or your planners on a backup plan, so the party can keep rolling! It is the host's responsibility to plan for a tent or other accommodations in case of rain. Due to our booking model, we cannot accommodate make-up dates.
  • What is a mobile tap truck?
    WanderBar brings the taps and then fun to your event! We are a fully street-legal 2001 Mitsubishi Minicab imported from Japan, outfitted with 6 premium taps to serve various drinks at your next event. We roll up, tap up, and start pouring!
  • Do you add an Auto-Gratuity to the price?
    Absolutely not! The price we quote you is the price you pay. We do not accept cash tips from the event host. We would rather you leave us a Google Review, as this means so much more to a small business than any cash tip! **We may put out a tip jar to welcome guest tips if the event is appropriate and you allow it.
  • Can the Tap Truck go indoors?
    Biggie loves indoor venues! As long as the venue approves and there is a doorway 6 ft. wide, we will drive right into your party! **We can turn off the engine and push the truck into the perfect spot, if required.
  • Can we have a cash bar or loonie bar?
    Absolutely! A cash bar is an excellent way to recuperate costs from the bar, keep guests accountable for their drinks, and keep the party hopping! Let's look at the math... 🍹If you have 50 guests, and each guest has 2 drinks, priced at $5 each, your bar will make $500! 🍹If you have 110 guests, and each guest has 6 drinks priced at $1 each, your bar will make $660! 🍹If you have 150 guests, and each guest has 4 drinks priced at $2 each, your bar will make $1200! We prefer a ticket system so we don't have to handle cash and can keep our hands clean - after all, we will be busy garnishing the drinks with fresh fruits! We can provide drink tickets and an additional employee to sell tickets for $60/hour. 🥂 What about having an open bar during cocktail hour and transitioning to a cash bar when dinner starts? 🥂 How about a champagne toast on the house and a cash bar for all other drinks? 🥂 What if highballs and mocktails are $1 and premium cocktails are $2? Talk to us about your guests and your vision for the perfect event!
  • Are WanderBar's bartenders licenced and certified?
    Absolutely! WanderBar bartenders are party enthusiasts and have their Pro-Serve certification to keep the drinks flowing for your event while keeping your guests happy and safe. Additionally, WanderBar bartenders have bartending certification from the Metropolitan School of Bartending. They are confident creating any kind of drink, from a highball to the perfect martini!
  • Do you travel outside of Calgary?
    We love a road trip! As long as our schedule allows it, we will come to you! Our standard pricing is for the city limits and surrounding areas. We charge an additional fee for travel outside of the city. For classic bartending (without the tap truck), we are happy to drive within 30km of Calgary without an extra charge. After that, we charge $1 per km to your location. The WanderBar Tap Truck can easily drive to locations around Calgary, but it needs to be hauled on the highway. Travel costs cover the trailer fee and extra gas to pull the truck. Travel beyond the 15km from the city limits is $3.50 per km. Kananaskis! Canmore! Banff! Strathmore! Red Deer! Lethbridge! Golden! The perfect rural farm! Talk to us about your perfect location!

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