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Calgary's Premier

mobile tap truck


Simply elegant. The most photographed area and hub of the party. Everyone is drawn to wanderbar.


- now booking -

summer + fall 2023


About us

Jessie +


Why wanderbar?

We're Fun!

The bar is the hub of the party, so make your bar the most photographed part of your event. WanderBar will catch everyone's attention and be the life of the party!

We taste good!

Everything tastes better from a freshly tapped keg! Serve drinks that taste the way the brewer and distiller intended - crisp, cool and fresh!

We are small.

With a 4.5 foot width and weighing no more than 1400lbs, we can fit into most double-doors and easily set up in buildings or backyards. 

We're cost effective

Drinks are costly. Purchasing beer, cocktails, prosecco and soda in kegs is much more cost-effective and will bring down your bartending budget.

We're easy!

Sourcing kegs from local brewers can be overwhelming - we've done the hard work and will provide recommendations and even source the kegs for you! This part of the planning should be easy.

We're safe.

Safety always comes first. We are approved by Alberta Health Services and come with commercial liability insurance.

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